Do I have to pay Home Owners Association (HOA) dues?

YES! All residents of Carter’s Cove have to pay Home Owners Association dues. This money is used to keep our community operating. We live in a private community, meaning the county only provides us with trash removal service. The fee covers many items including common area maintenance, replacement of dead plants and trees; insurance; management fees; repairs and maintenance to the tot lot, etc.

How much are Home Owners Association dues?

Dues are $150.00 a quarter. You have the option of paying this amount all at once or in monthly installments. However, late fees (of $15) are assessed if dues are not paid on time.

Who manages the Carter’s Cove Community?

Tidewater Property Management, LLC. – Mark Hoage

Carter’s Cove Homeowners Association c/o
Tidewater Property Management, Inc.
3706 Crondall Lane,  Suite 105
Owings Mills, MD 21117

On which days of the week does the County collect trash and recyclables?

Howard County provides Carter’s Cove with curb-side recycling and garbage/trash collection

Wednesday: recycling and yard waste
Friday: garbage/trash collection

See the county’s trash/recycling page to read about the allowable types of recyclables and trash, to locate a convenience center, or to find out pretty much anything about trash and recycling. Homeowners are required to store all trash in containers and may put their trash/recyclables at the curb anytime after 6pm the evening before the regular collection and remove the containers after pick-up.

How many parking spaces am I allocated?

Each home is allocated one reserved space. Your space has a reserved number painted on it.

I’d like to alter the exterior of my house (e.g. adding a patio, switching to different light fixtures, etc…). What colors can I paint my house’s exterior with?

You first need to contact our property manager to ensure that your alterations are within our guidelines as well as review architectural guidelines. You may be asked to provide information such as pictures, to-scale drawings, and measurements. Once the request has been granted by the review board, then the alterations may be performed.
Tidewater Property Management, LLC. – Mark Hoage

I see few people carrying “pooper-scoopers” and sometimes, I see dogs being walked without leashes. What can be done about this? Isn’t there a law?

The County does indeed have laws about these concerns (as does Carters Cove). The first line of defense against these offenders is for you to talk to them personally. Many residents seem reticent, however, to speak with their neighbors for the simple reason that they must live together and be neighbors, perhaps for many years to come.

Most of the time, the homeowner doesn’t know the name or address of the pet owner (or is unwilling to give it), so there is really nothing management can do to notify the pet owner of this nuisance behavior.

As one homeowner put it, “I used to like dogs, but the amount of dog feces that is left in common areas is enough to sour me for good. I realize that it’s not the dog’s fault, but the owners. Also, I find that I do not marvel at the manners of pets not walked on a leash. Rather, I realize what a danger this poses to residents should the animal become startled, excited or angry.

“Pet owners must realize we do not think that their pet is cute and wonderful when we must watch our every step or fear for the safety of our children when they ride their bicycles or walk near an unleashed animal.”

Owners walking their pets should carry a plastic bag or pooper scooper to dispose of animal feces in an appropriate container. Do not throw animal waste in the storm drains.

When and where are HOA meetings?

Home Owner’s Association meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at Guilford Elementary School’s cafeteria at 7pm or locations indicated on our monthly calendar.

Is a county building permit required for fences and decks?

Yes. In addition to an approved architectural change request form, a county building permit must be displayed in your front window when building any structures on your property requiring a permit. You are not only paying for permission to build, you are paying for the expertise of the inspector who will visit your property (at least twice during construction of decks, for example) to be sure that what is being built meets county standards for construction and safety.

Are commercial vehicles allowed to be parked in the community?

Absolutely not. Police vehicles are the only exception. Regular commercial vehicles must conceal lettering, logos, ladders, etc. You may use magnetic signs or covers to accomplish that goal.

To whom do we report streetlight outages?

Call BGE, . All streetlights in Carter’s Cove are maintained by BGE however we do pay a monthly bill for these services. Therefore, don’t be shy about calling many times to complain about outages. Have the streetlight number located on the pole with you at time of report.