The Carter’s Cove Home Owners Association (CC HOA) is the homeowner’s association for the Carter’s Cove Community in Howard County, Maryland. The CC HOA Covenants, By-Laws and Architectural Guidelines define the operation and organization of the community.

Howard County is responsible for police, fire, and rescue services. The county also takes care of trash and recyclable collection within our community. CC HOA is responsible for maintenance to the roads and sides walks, snow removal and common ground lawn care.

The Carter’s Cove Home Owners Association updates and enforces the community covenants, by-laws and guidelines, including taking any necessary punitive or legal action and maintains the common areas and amenities of the community. To assist with the day-to-day operation of the community, the association contracts administrative and logistical support from a private management company. Currently, the management company is Tidewater Property Management, Inc which has corporate offices in Owings Mills, MD.

Welcome to our neighborhood, please enjoy your stay!